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puppets-in-cobwebs3661: Don't let anyone give you shit for it. Ever. It's your opinion, love and you are entitled to it. Their music is changing and I myself have only heard the one single and am still on the fence with it. But if anyone gives you shit friend, know I'm here 

Thank you cx you’re amazing (;

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puppets-in-cobwebs3661: I don't know when tumblr decided to make me unfollow you. Its been doing it to a lot of ppl I follow. Sorry. But don't ever apologize for how you feel. I love your blog. And I respect your opinion. And your music taste. :) you post whatever. <3 

Thanks (: that makes me feel all warm inside <3 i love it when people send me messages like this. Thank you so much :*

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Anonymous: Please tell me you're single ;) 

That I am single… What’s up qt?

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metal-af: youre so cute aw aw♥ 

Thanks (; <3 

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Well I have not been updated my blog lately, sorry. I’ve been busy once again :( This time i have been working a lot and after work i go to the gym. So that everyday is very tiring and I was to lazy to get on Tumblr but I’m back!!!!

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I will NOT be posting anymore of Motionless in White’s new releases or anything with their new music. It is really disappointing to hear the “Reincarnate” Album. It’s nothing along the lines of their metalcore style music. I think they sold out and I don’t disagree with their decision, i just no longer appreciate where the band has gone with their music. I will post their older stuff and pictures. Now i’m going to focus on Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, Upon a Burning Body, and etc. Sorry 

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Anyone wanna cuddle with me?

I’ll cuddle the fuck out of you

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